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Here at Manor Pharmacy we understand that looking after your health is the most important thing you can do with your body. At Manor Pharmacy we stock a wide range of medicine & health care products that are designed to help keep you fit and well all throughout the year. From Pain Relief & Fever to help calm aching muscles or joints, to Stop Smoking products that help you to cut down or kick the habit completely. At Manor Pharmacy we know how busy lifestyles can get in the way of looking after your health, so we stock a wide range of products that make it easy for you to look after your body, while you are still able to enjoy life.

Fight Allergies, Colds & Flu:

At Manor Pharmacy we have a large range of products to help you beat allergies during those summer months. Hayfever allergies affect 2 in 10 people in the UK and cause symptoms that are similar to colds, here at Manor Pharmacy we have nasal sprays, eye drops, tablets or syrups all designed to help you beat the symptoms associated with allergies such as hayfever. Colds & Flu can occur all year round as they are caused by viruses strains that are hard to avoid. Most commonly spread through droplets from a cough, sneeze or tough from an infected individual. There are a wide range of products designed to help you beat the common cold and keep symptoms at bay, all available from Manor Pharmacy and with FREE UK delivery!