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Manor Pharmacy help you deal with embarrassing conditions:

At one point or another, we are all faced with embarrassing health conditions, Manor Pharmacy offer a range of products to help relieve pain and discomfort that you may feel embarrassed to talk about with your GP. Conditions such as hair loss, erectile dysfunction, snoring or bad breath are all available for men, while conditions such as cystitis, acne, incontinence or dandruff are common embarrassing conditions for women. No matter what condition you have, there are millions of people suffering the same problems and Manor Pharmacy can help you get the treatment you require without the need to feel embarrassed or frightened to ask for.

Certain medication may require a prescription, however if you don't have a prescription then you can advantage of our online consultation. Our online health clinic can enable you to obtain prescrpition medication by answering a series of medical questions, these are then reviewed by one of our qualified pharmacists, who will dispense your order from our UK pharmacy. For more information regarding prescription medication, visit our Online Consultation page.