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Buy Iglu Mouth Ulcer Treatment Online:

Iglu mouth ulcer treatment provides fast, effective relief from mouth ulcers, sore gums or denture rubbing. Mouth ulcers are sores within the mouth that commonly appear inside the cheeks or lips and appear circular with either white or yellow colour. They occur due to the surface of the mouth lining being removed, which exposes nerve cells, this causes pain and discomfort, especially when eating certain foods. Ulcers can appear due to a number of reasons, including allergies, mouth injuries, nutrition deficiencies and skin diseases. Over 20% of people will suffer from mouth ulcers during their lifetime, and because they are not an infection, they cannot be caught by kissing, or sharing drinks etc.

Igul gel is designed to protect the ulcer to prevent pain or irritation, it does this by providing a protective layer coating which is activated when it comes into contact with saliva. By protecting the senstive area the ulcer is able to heal quicker, the gel protects for over an hour, and even stays in place when eating or drinking. Iglu sugar free pastilles also provide fast relief by dissolving in the mouth to relieve discomfort. Both Iglu gel and pastilles contain painkilling and antiseptic ingredients to help relieve pain and speed up healing. Buy Iglu mouth ulcer treatments online from Manor Pharmacy, with Free UK mainland delivery.