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Poultry & Bird Medicine & Treatment from Manor Pharmacy

Poultry & birds can suffer from a various of infectious diseases, therefore they should be protected just as any other pet would be. Manor Pharmacy have a range of medications that are used to help treat and prevent diseases, especially important if you have a house or pen of birds as there is the risk of infections spreading. At Manor Pharmacy we have a range of poultry medication and products, including wormers, vitamins and mite kill to help keep your pets and their environment healthy so the risk of infection is greatly reduced.

There are a range of vaccines available that will help to prevent illness in birds & poultry, working with the bodies immune system to protect against the disease or other infection that is causing your pet distress. In order to maintain health, there are a range of vitamin drops to boost the immune system and provide instant energy. All poultry and bird products are available to buy online from Manor Pharmacy, all with Free UK mainland delivery.